Conference Brige- (Audio/Tele)

We have with us extensive experience in successfully handling the demands of versatile Conference Bridge Systems that are configured to suit any conferencing needs from business center, to hospitals as well as large corporate organizations. As digital ISDN Switches, these are capable of handling transmission of

  • Voice
  • e-Mail
  • Text
  • These are digital communication switching systems which are available in variety of configuration. With system based on Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) as well as Pulse Coded Modulation (PCM) switching technology, these also come with advanced CMOS chips that allow optimum processor speeds as well as minimum power utilization. These micro controller based systems also come with distributed processing where each card in system feature PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) so as to ensure desired protection to cards as well as act as auto reset table fuse. 

    With each card in system provided with SMPS to convert 28V DC to its own operating and logic voltage, the system also has combination of active as well as passive bus so as to ensure reliable communication between cards. Here, we also provide cards that are of plug in types so as to ensure complete ease of maintenance.

    Conferencing Capacity

  • These have capacity to establish 64 party conferences at time with any permutation combination
  • 64 party can be divided into multiple group as per customer’s requirement
  • Capacity to connect 1500 ports
  • Reservation-Less

  • Pre-defined conference ID and/or PIN with no expiry that allows organizer and participant to go for conference when required
  • Meetings occur at any time using established dial-in number as well as access codes
  • Reserved/Scheduled Conferences

  • Conference organizers/Conferencing Service Providers can schedule conferences as well as send invitation emails to participants
  • They also allow registration for the calls
  • On-the-Fly Conference

  • All participants who call in to established dial-in number and after entering same PIN are connected together
  • Using this service, connection is made possible instantly and anonymously without any need of account setup
  • Ad Hoc Conference

  • These allow instant start of conference calls by dialing out to the target number
  • These also allow addition of participants as required
  • Participants for joining in are provided invitation over phones and have option to agree / decline to join conference invitations
  • These are used in highly secure instances where organizers know whom to call as well as bring into conference
  • Operator Assisted or Attended Conference

  • These are highly useful in large/high profile events
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