Interactive Voice Response System(IVR)

Customized Business Application Development

We also have with us rich industry expertise in successfully handling the demands of Interactive Voice Response Systems. Here, the strong service support provided by our experienced team of professionals has helped us in coming up with performance-oriented range of Interactive Voice Response Systems that are in compliance with defined international quality standards. Further, these are also capable of responding well to frequently asked questions as well as support the demands of

  • Managing more calls at a time
  • Offering excellent monitoring and recording facilities

  • IVR Appication Plaforms

  • Linux Based IVR System
  • Windows Based IVR System
  • Linux Based IVR System

    Our team also holds expertise in designing Interactive Voice Response Systems for Linux platform. Here, the use of advanced process technology allows us to develop highly functional range which is also easy to operate and maintain.

    Supported Scenarios:

  • Network IVR, connected directly to PSTN or VoIP trunks
  • Behind The Switch, connected to a PBX via VoIP or using legacy technologies
  • Features:

  • Playback and recording of audio in multiple formats, including HD formats
  • DTMF detection and collection
  • Offering access to ODBC database, web services, LDAP data, Calendaring data
  • Speech synthesis and recognition (requires 3rd party add-on components)
  • Branching and logic operations (if/then, while, for/next, etc.)

    Benefits: It helps in improving customer interaction by providing 24 hour access to basic automated services. Some of the other benefits include:

  • Reduced payroll costs/re-purpose employees to handle more valuable tasks
  • Components: Some of the components that are required for creating a conference server using this system include:

  • Generic x86 computer platform (server or desktop)
  • Reduced payroll costs/re-purpose employees to handle more valuable tasks
  • Linux operating system
  • Digital or analog interface card(s)
  • Interface cable(s) to legacy system

    Windows Based IVR System

    We have introduced in the market Interactive Voice Response System for Windows. Here, the system offered is completely scalable as well as offer flexible working with features like:

    Supported Scenarios :

  • Voicemail
  • Call attendant
  • Menu system
  • Info-line
  • Audio text
  • Autodial
  • Other process support features
  • Features:

    These come integrated with IVR / ACD software having multiple IVR Scripts and support of IVR Software Development Libraries that ensure each and every service requirements arising at client’s end are successfully met.

    Some of the other features include:
  • Industrial quality PC (monitor optional)
  • Call monitoring, recording and message forwarding facility
  • Unified messaging service with multiple telephone line support
  • Multiple voicemail boxes with automated outbound call system
  • Allow configuring and managing through intuitive web control panel
  • Allowing call transfer (subject to phone company/PBX features)
  • Support of call simulator for off-line testing
  • Other support call management applications
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