Shared / Dedicated Longcodes numbers are very versatile, use them to

✔  Advertise your number on TV, print or web to allow user initiated engagement and lead generation
✔  Use keywords to automate conversations and appointment confirmations
✔  Easily manage opt-outs
✔  And benefit from consistent branding in outgoing messages

Long codes are nothing but a 10 Digit Virtual Mobile Number (sometimes also called as SMS Virtual Number) to which a user can send a text message to interact with applications and get the desired response. Typical services that can be deployed using a virtual mobile number can be a Request-Response application, Information-on-Demand, Subscription / Activation of desired product or service, etc.

We provide you a facility integrate a user response via pressing various keys on mobile phone/telephoneWe provide you a facility integrate a user response via pressing various keys on mobile phone/telephone

SMS Virtual numbers are perfectly suitable for closed group target audience (Closed Group Information System) like Existing Customers, Employees, Vendors/Dealers, Sales Force, Service Engineers, etc. who can regularly use the 2-way SMS Application on SMS Long code and Fetch/Provide the desired information. A Few of our clients are satisfactorily using AdeepTech Long Code Services for Mobile Easy Recharge Application, Collecting Feedback from the customers, Information-on-Demand, etc.

At AdeepTech, we can provide our clients a SMS Virtual Number from any telecom operator circle (State) in India. We not only provide but also manage the Virtual number with 99.9% up time and.

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