Voice Mail- (PC Based)

Voice messaging, Email and Fax have rapidly become necessities for effective communication in today's fast paced e-volving business.Managing all of these can be an onerous task, but often become a nightmare for the mobile employees. Today's multiple message locations waste valuable time and create unnecessary frustration.

Universal messaging products can relieve this burden by providing access to all of these from one location. Unfortunately most of these solutions require substantial investment in both capital and training costs.

Voice mail is a powerful call answering and messaging system from us that deliver features that you would expect of a unified messaging system at a fraction of a unified messaging system's costs.

Voice Messaging System(VMS) is like a personnel assistant that answers your telephones and takes messages and receives the fax transmission for everyone in the company in their respective email accounts with complete accuracy, 24 hours a day seven days a week. Every call is answered with your customized greetings and routed to the appropriate person or department. Callers get direct access to the person they want to reach without having to go through an operator. If that person is unavailable callers can leave important information that drives the business forward cutting down on unproductive "telephone tag" with control over messages, fax transmissions and calls, employees can focus on the work at hand, confident that they won't miss important communications.

VMS let you respond easily to messages whether you are in the office or out of office so that you remain accessible when your customers need you most. They simplify the messaging process and allow you to handle all your communications faster, freeing you up for other tasks. With VMS, you can access your Voice, Fax and Email messages from one location and respond to them immediately - allowing you to work smarter and provide fast, dependable service.

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